The written word is dying and few organizations are able to access talented writers that can produce quality, dynamic content that move their target audiences. We recognize that sometimes it takes more than 140 characters to tell a story. That’s why DSG provides a variety of services, including business development writing, grant writing, copy development for digital and traditional collateral, and content development for clients across a myriad of industry areas.

Public Relations

Dealing with the media can be a daunting task for any organization, but a definitive strategy, clear message, and practical approach will lead to positive (or at least fair) media coverage for your next announcement. Whether trusting DSG to be your on-the-record spokesperson, or just asking us to guide your team and leadership in all aspects of public relations, DSG will ensure you tell your story clearly and effectively.  Our work has landed client coverage in outlets including the Albany Times Union, Politico, San Francisco Chronicle, the Daily Gazette, Albany Business Review, and more.

Social Media

Regardless of your industry, social media is a vital tool to drive brand recognition, generate excitement for your organization, engage your audience, connect with media and develop thought leadership. DSG has led digital and social media strategy for a variety of clients in both the B-to-B and B-to-C arenas and can guide you in understanding the social media channels upon which you should — and shouldn’t — be investing.

Digital Marketing

The variety of digital tools available to engage audiences provide some of the most efficient and targeted means imaginable for marketing. Whether it’s paid search, SEO or social media ads, DSG can use these tools to reach your target audience, all while sticking to responsible and conservative budgets, delivering clear results and metrics for your investment.

Marketing Communications Consulting

It’s not uncommon for a small organization to have greater MarComm needs than they can hire. And it’s not uncommon for large organizations to need special project support. In both cases, just a little bit more expertise is needed than exists in-house. That’s where DSG comes in. With experience in small business, Fortune 50 companies, government, and nonprofits, DSG has seen it all. Our team can enter a project or campaign at nearly any stage, integrate into and bolster the team, and deliver results.

Speechwriting/Public Speaking

Public speaking is regularly identified as one of the biggest and more common fears of American adults. Unfortunately, it is a major component of almost any leadership position. Our team has written speeches and advised CEOs, political leaders — even the average Joe. When you work with DSG on a speech or public event, we’ll take the fear and discomfort out of the speech or presentation. Our team will immerse themselves in your audience, topic and tone to ensure the only worry you have is whether you wear matching socks.

Community Relations/Public Affairs

We all know about NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard), but the biggest mistake made in a major project is trying to avoid public input and feedback. Regardless of the project, public opposition can quickly prove fatal, no matter how well-planned or needed the project may be. Our approach involves the community, focuses on disseminating facts and building trust to result in positive outcomes.

Crisis Communications

No matter how much you plan or how well you execute, sometimes things just don’t go as they should. And when that happens, the court of public opinion can be much harsher than any court of law. If your organization is facing a crisis and you’re only consulting legal counsel, you aren’t getting the whole picture. DSG has worked hand-in-glove with legal experts on crisis issues and brings that expertise to your team — without the major overhead of an in-house team.