In the movie Office Space, the line is uttered, “Engineers can’t talk to customers!” DSG has lived that directly, having managed brand development and marketing communications in a number of challenging tech arenas, including the semiconductor industry. We know the difference between IDM’s and SaaS and have been wrongfully accused of being an engineer. We’ve translated technical white papers into terms mere mortals understand and lived to tell about it. Driving clear and impactful communications in the tech space isn’t easy, but we’ve done quite a bit of it.


There are tremendous energy challenges in this country, whether involving siting traditional gas-fired power plants or developing and deploying clean energy assets. Energy is a complex and vital industry and communications in the industry can be vanilla and repetitive. DSG has worked across the industry – from nuclear to thermal generation to renewables — and understands the variety of challenges and nuance in each sector. Our agnostic approach to energy focuses on the consumer, taking an audience-first tactic to drive greater customer understanding and engagement.

Health CareHealth Care

As our population ages and needs changes, health care communications evolves on a daily basis. Whether a hospital, nursing home, assisted living facility or a provider, engaging patients and key audiences can mean the difference between success and failure when measured against the competition. Our team has managed public health and human services policy, served hospitals and providers and even married into the industry. DSG can provide a wide perspective on the unique challenges in the industry, without the high costs of a large agency.

Economic DevelopmentEconomic Development

Acting as the conduit between the private sector and government, economic development often serves in some of the most second-guessed and criticized roles imaginable. And apart from the low pay, constant criticism and lack of resources, economic development is a pretty luxurious industry. Our team has worked in economic development in from all sides — public, private and nonprofit. We know how hard it is to tell your story well and stay within a budget. That’s where we come in.


Whether it’s a restaurateur negotiating the price of a head of lettuce or a resort trying to stay ahead of the competition, the hospitality space can be brutal. Because of this intensity, hotels, restaurants, resorts and convention and visitors bureaus must insist upon a strong return on their marketing investment. With experience booking major events, a track record of record-breaking sales and award-winning campaigns, DSG understands the hospitality space more than most…and costs less than almost all.